BJSM Blog: promoting scientific knowledge worldwide during COVID-19

By Fábio Hech Dominski and Bruno Hech Dominski

The volume of scientific articles published on COVID-19 over the past few months is remarkable. Over 10,000 articles can be found on PubMed and EMBASE about the origin of the virus, diagnosis and treatment of the virus, as well as its politic and economic impacts– over 120,000 researchers have contributing to 824 journals (6 May 2020). 

The BJSM Blog published a series of topics related to COVID-19 as well, including:

  • an analysis of the relationship among exercise and infectious disease (1)
  • tips to stay active and remain calm while “social distancing” is underway (2,3)
  • NSAIDs and corticosteroid injections during pandemic (4)
  • the description of an open and democratic movement connecting upcoming health care professionals around the world promoting good health – the QuaranTrain (5)
  • athlete mental health and mental illness (6)
  • the mental health impacts of the disease and implications for exercise professionals (7)
  • educational issues during any therapeutic interaction (8)
  • tips to online teaching in healthcare education (9)
  • how professionals in sports and exercise medicine could improve telehealth skills (10),
  • guidance for exercise to ‘at-risk’ or vulnerable COVID-19 groups (11)
  • physiotherapy practices during pandemic period (12)
  • guidelines to physical activity for children and young people under 5 years (13),
  • and aged 5-18 years (14)
  • the consequences of postponing Tokyo 2020 (15)
  • The Aspetar COVID-19 Evidence for Athletes Service (16)
  • the feasibility of combat sports events, cardiac, respiratory and mental health of athletes (17-22)
  • considerations for athletes, and risk assessment and factors to consider in professional sport to recommence (23) and
  • tips to find motivation to be active during the pandemic (24)

As of May 19th, a total of 24 blog posts related to COVID-19 were posted, with 72 authors contributing from the UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, United States, Netherlands, and Switzerland. The blog posts were visited more than 70,500 times and shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In addition to Sport and Exercise Medicine professionals, researchers and the public, some blogs were targeted at specific populations such as athletes, those at high-risk and children. The nature of the BJSM blog allowed for quick publishing times and therefore were ahead of the fast building body of evidence. In an quick and accessible way, the BJSM Blog has and continues to contribute scientific knowledge on exercise and health during the COVID-19 pandemic, playing an important role in disseminating evidence-based knowledge to both the public and SEM professionals.


Fábio Hech Dominskiis a Brazilian physical education professor and PhD student. He lives in Florianopolis and works in Joinville. When not studying in the Laboratory of Sport and Exercise Psychology at the Santa Catarina State University, he can be found weightlifting at the gym, or now at home. E-mail: and Instagram: @fabiodominski

Bruno Hech Dominski2 is a Brazilian biologist and master’s student. He lives and studies in Florianopolis. When not doing his research at the Laboratory of Bacterial Molecular Genetics, Bruno likes to read a good book and play videogames. E-mail: and Instagram: @brunodominski

  1. Laboratory of Sport and Exercise Psychology (Lape) of the Santa Catarina State University – Florianópolis – SC, Brazil.
  2. Laboratory of Bacterial Molecular Genetics (GeMBac) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina – Florianópolis – SC, Brazil.

Competing interests

None declared


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