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Is education more important than exercise in treating patellofemoral pain?

  Follow-up to BJSM podcast episode #322. Haven’t heard it yet? Listen here.  By Erin Macri @Erin_Macri, Simon Kristoffer Johansen, Michael Rathleff @MichaelRathleff After interviewing Dr. Michael Rathleff, I was thinking about how best to introduce Michael’s education slides to the clinic. Rather than simply uploading them to the site, I have collaborated here with Michael […]

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Do you work with teams? Looking for a practical case-based learning opportunity? IOC Advanced Team Physician Course (22-24 May, 2013)

Thirty experienced speakers (and leaders in the field) are fully committed to ensuring that this 3-day event will be even more successful than the four previous IOC Advanced Team Physician Courses. This course is geared towards the practical issues of working with high-level athletes in a team sports setting! Check the program below and see how the case-based curriculum means […]

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Bangladesh Institute of Sports Sciences (BISS) 3rd Sports Medical Science Course Series December 7-14, 2011

Dr. Mohammad Zubayer, President of BISS, invites clinicians to attend sports medical science courses related to: sports for health performance through sports sciences and sports medicine. December 7-9, 2011 Certificate in Sports Nutrition: Jointly organized by the International Society of Sports Nutrition/ISSN and Bangladesh Institute of Sports Sciences/BISS Dr. Douglas Kalman, Dr. Timothy Nathan Ziegenfuss […]

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