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Is education more important than exercise in treating patellofemoral pain?

  Follow-up to BJSM podcast episode #322. Haven’t heard it yet? Listen here.  By Erin Macri @Erin_Macri, Simon Kristoffer Johansen, Michael Rathleff @MichaelRathleff After interviewing Dr. Michael Rathleff, I was thinking about how best to introduce Michael’s education slides to the clinic. Rather than simply uploading them to the site, I have collaborated here with Michael […]

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The challenge: Motivating Physical Activity

1 Man, 52 jobs, 52 weeks. Sean Aiken, talks about finding the fulfilling job and discovering his passion. Not an easy thing to do. For those of us passionate about sharing the powerful health benefits of Physical Activity, the challenge is message delivery. How do we motivate patients to embark on Physical Activity lifestyle interventions? […]

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