Bangladesh Institute of Sports Sciences (BISS) 3rd Sports Medical Science Course Series December 7-14, 2011

Dr. Mohammad Zubayer, President of BISS, invites clinicians to attend sports medical science courses related to: sports for health performance through sports sciences and sports medicine.

December 7-9, 2011
Certificate in Sports Nutrition: Jointly organized by the International Society of Sports Nutrition/ISSN and Bangladesh Institute of Sports Sciences/BISS

  • Dr. Douglas Kalman, Dr. Timothy Nathan Ziegenfuss &  Mr. Anthony Angelo Ricci

December 10-12, 2011
Sports Physiotherapy: by Turkish Association of Sports Medicine and Turkish Association Sports Physiotherapy, Turkey

  • Dr. Nevin Ergun PT, Ph.D & Dr. Derya Ozer Kaya PT, Ph.D

December 13, 2011
Orthopedics Sports Injuries and Sports Injuries Rehabilitation

  • Dr. Sedat Tolga Aydog, Sports Medicine Department Acibadem University, Turkey

High Altitude (Mountaineering), Expedition and Aviation Medicine

  • Dr. Prabodh Agarwal (Mukul), British Olympic Medical Institute and BASEM

December 14, 2011
Women Sports Development

  • Dr. Gertrude Pfister, Institute of Exercise and Sports Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

More information will be launched on their website soon.

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