The 2nd BJSM PhD Academy Awards 2017-18

by Alan McCall

Welcome to the 2nd BJSM PhD Academy Awards 2017/18. In 2016, BJSM started a new initiative aimed to acknowledge and celebrate the invaluable contribution of PhD candidates around the world in Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM).

Last year, Dr James O’Brien won the Editor’s Pick, and Dr Ryan Timmins won the People’s Choice Award for the 2016/17 period. Those at this years’ Isokinetic Football Medicine Strategies Conference would have seen Dr James O’Brien present his PhD work on injury prevention implementation to improve injury outcomes, as part of the Editor’s Pick prize.

2016-17 BJSM PhD Academy Award winner, Dr James O’Brien presenting at Isokinetic’s Football Medicine Strategies conference at Camp Nou, Barcelona.


It’s now time for the class of 2017/18 to showcase their valuable contributions to SEM. Without a doubt, and just like the 1st edition of the BJSM PhD Academy Awards, we have received some fantastic nominees this year. In the coming week we will share with you, the PhD Academy Award nominations, their manuscripts highlighting a summary of their PhDs and videos to convince you to vote for them.

As with last year, we have two awards:

1. The People’s Choice: voted by you!

2. The Editor’s Pick: whereby each nominee will be scored according to set criteria by the BJSM Editors.


The winner of the Editor’s Pick Award will receive registration to the 2019 Football Medicine Strategies Conference to be held in Wembley Stadium, London, in addition to a spot on the scientific program.

The winner of the People’s Choice Award will receive a copy of the Brukner and Khan Sports Medicine Book.


Below, you will find the list of nominees and a link to 1) their PhD Academy Award manuscript and 2) a link to a ‘why vote for my PhD’ video (for those nominees submitting a video).

We look forward to celebrating the contributions made by all of our nominees and welcome submissions for 2018/19!

2017/2018 PhD Academy Awards nominees


Amelia JH Arundale (watch video HERE)

Keeping athletes on the field: preventing primary and secondary ACL injuries

Cain Clark

Profiling movement and gait quality using accelerometry in children’s physical activity: consider quality, not just quantity

Vincent Kelly (watch video HERE)

β-alanine: performance effects, usage and side effects

Simon Lack (watch video HERE)

The interaction of hip and foot biomechanics in the presentation and management of patellofemoral pain

Lachlan Peter James 

Order from chaos: unravelling the determinants of mixed martial arts performance

Scott Randall Brown 

Lower-extremity symmetry influences knee abduction moments during sidestepping in rugby

Andreas Serner (watch video HERE)

Diagnosis of acute groin injuries in athletes

Robin Thorpe 

Monitoring player fatigue status in the English Premier League

Nick van der Horst (watch video HERE)

Preventing hamstring injuries in football through enhanced exercise and RTP strategies

Marinus Winters (watch video HERE)

Medial tibial stress syndrome: diagnosis, treatment and outcome assessment

Poll closes this Sunday 24th June at 23:59. 

Good luck to our nominees!



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