Discussing Football Science & Medicine during the FIFA World Cup- let’s get the ball rolling! 

Undergraduate perspective on Sport & Exercise Medicine – a BJSM blog series

By Andrew Shafik @aaashafik, Manroy Sahni @manroysahni and Jonathan Shurlock @J_Shurlock

Russia has taken centre stage this summer with the 21stFIFA Football World Cup. As one of the most widely viewed sporting events globally, we thought it would provide a fantastic platform for multi-national and inter-disciplinary learning and engagement around the ever-growing field of SEM.

So how can you get involved and join the discussion? We invite you to write a short blog on any aspect of SEM at the World Cup that grabs your attention. This could be anything from reflecting on an injury or illness to the importance of team travel and nutrition for such a major event. This is a great opportunity for students within healthcare disciplines such as medicine, physiotherapy, sport science, strength & conditioning, nutrition, podiatry and many more to be able to develop their writing and reflection skills whilst learning from the greater community.

After each blog, we will start a discussion via our Twitter account @UndergradSEMS using the hashtag #FIFASEM or#WorldCupSEM #RussiaSEMto engage the SEM community and increase learning from those working within elite sport.

With each blog, we’ll also link useful resources for further reading!

Please send your blog feedback and ideas to: manroysahni@gmail.com or jhshurlock@gmail.com. We look forward to your submissions!

Andrew Shafik, MBChB BSc (Hons), has just graduated from medicine at the University of Aberdeen. He has a keen interest in SEM particularly Football Science & Medicine and has an intercalated degree in Sports & Exercise Science. He is also an Infographic Reviewer for the BJSM, Co-Founder & Co-President @aberdeen_sems and a Social Media representative at the Undergraduate Sports and Exercise Medicine Society (USEMS) committee.

Manroy Sahni(@manroysahni) is an Academic Foundation Year 1 Doctor in the West Midlands with a passion for SEM. He also co-coordinates the BJSM Undergraduate Perspective blog series.

Jonathan Shurlockis an academic foundation year 1 doctor based in Sheffield. He coordinates the BJSM Undergraduate Perspective blog series.

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