Research into action – AED installed 3 months ago saves life!

Guest Blog by Jon Drezner – Sports Cardiology Senior Associate Editor

I heard some amazing news today and still gathering the details.  Last night at [anonymized] Middle School a 45 yo [anonymized] suffered sudden cardiac arrest during a basketball game.  Witnesses pulled the AED off the wall, delivered two shocks before EMS arrived, and the patient is alive and doing well today!

It is less than 3 months since the Heart of Seattle Schools project installed 136 AEDs into Seattle Public Schools, with at least one in every school.  This was our AED and administered by a school staff member for a member of our community… just how public access defibrillation programs are supposed to work.

From the beginning, University of Washington Medicine has played a major role in the success of this project and the safety of our community.  To think the benefit of this program has been realized so quickly!

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Drezner, J, Harmon, K, and Borjesson, M. 2011. Incidence of sudden cardiac death in athletes: where did the science go? BJSM, 45: 947-948.

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Dr. Jonathan Drezner is an Associate Professor of the Department of Family Medicine, Associate Director of the Sports Medicine Fellowship , and Team Physician for the Seattle Seahawks & UW Huskies.

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