New editoral from Prof. Finch- Updating the international research agenda for sport injury prevention

Professor Caroline Finch is a leading advocate for decreasing the divide between the science and practice of injury prevention through greater cross-fertilization in the fields of injury and sports medicine research.

In the June 24, 2011 edition of  BJSM’s sister journal Injury Prevention, Prof Finch offers a concise summary: Updating the international research agenda for sport injury prevention. She contextualizes and highlights key discussions from the IOC’s World Congress on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport (Monaco, April 2011) (See related BJSM Blog June 06, 2011  View Top Lectures Online: IOC World Congress of Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport).

Prof Finch also comments on her own IOC Keynote address – the status of implementation and dissemination research in sports injury prevention. Turning research into action – a major BJSM theme for 2012. Read the article online now to learn more about how certain frameworks and strategies can dramatically improve uptake. See her Editor’s choice editorial in the current BJSM issue too (August 2011)!

In closing her Injury Prevention article, Prof Finch notifies readers that she will be making more guest contributions on both the Injury Prevention and BJSM Blogs…stay tuned!

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