Powerpoint chat – lovers and haters.

Given that Powerpoint is ubiquitous, the current debate about it may interest some BJSM sportsmederati.

Things heated up when Lucy Kellaway (Financial Times) suggested banning the presentation program. (Don’t be frustrated if you can’t get this link – Harford summarizes it below).

The wizard economist, Tim Harford (The Undercover Economist – great read for general Humans like me, not Econs) defends the medium.  He just says many folks are crap at using it.

These twitter posts led me to the 10/20/3o rule of Powerpoint. Specifically for the business community, but I think there is some resonance for sports and exercise medicine.

And as a total diversion – don’t click on this — you have better things to do – there is the group who want to ban the Comic Sans font. As someone who appreciates words, I had to smile at this specific assault on Comic Sans – not sure if I think it is good writing or over the top (‘corneal rape’?) but it certainly has passion! Vituperative.

And the last word? Steven Curry from Imperial College, London. He gives Mind-blowing work of staggering genius: Probably the best seminar you will ever attend.”

Relevance to what we do? We are always teaching patients, often share information with colleagues and the general public…as well as perhaps being wheeled out to do what the audience expects will be a Powerpoint presentation.

Tips for success welcome below (replies) or via regular email if that is easier for you – karim.khan@ubc.ca

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