Has ‘sedentarism’ — excessive sitting — crossed over to join the conditions that the public is aware of? The new obesity?

The  health problems of office workers who ‘sit too much’ is getting increasing attention not only in medical journals but now also in popular media.


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One recent news article –   NJ court: Desk job, not bad health, led to death – raised the question:  is this a prelude for other hazards of physical inactivity related disorders or just a blip? Cardiac events, diabetes etc…

The trial lawyers have been saying when “smoking bullet” (cause-effect type mechanisms) is combined with lack of choice, its only a matter of time. We’ll see.

While it is clearly over-simplistic to say that ALL sitting is ‘bad,’ there is growing momentum for simple, effective strategies to counteract the health burden of sedentary office culture.

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Don’t forget the short BJSM podcast, Sedentary behaviour and mortality, with Genevieve Healy, one of the pioneers in this field.

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