Introducing the MH Monthly Podcast!

Medical Humanities is excited to present our newly re-launched podcast. Launching the first Thursday of every month (with occasional extra content on the second Thursday), this new and vibrant platform will provide conversations and interviews about current events, cutting edge topics, social justice and global crises from a medical and health humanities perspective. Listen in!

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Want to know what’s coming up?



Eugene Gu: A Physician’s Response to ICE Internment Camps; TITLE: ICE, Immigration, and Health: Eugene Gu (who sued Trump and won) talks about the medical consequence of politics


Medfest Interview with Dr Omniya Okasha: TITLE: Medicine meets film: Dr Omneya Okasha shares with Dr Khalid Ali her journey from dentistry to film making


Kathleen Bachynski and Brit Trogen” TITLE: The Immigrants’ Case of Shakespeare: a discussion about borders and health effects of separation


Victoria Hume: TITLE: Prescribing Art: An interview with Victoria Hume, Director of the Culture, Health, and Well-being Alliance


Brandy Schillace Interviews GP and Author Gavin Francis; TITLE: What kind of society do we live in? Doctor Gavin Francis on precarity, vulnerability, and narrative


Medfest Interview with Dr Nabil Elkot; TITLE: United in film: psychiatrist Dr Nabil Elkot recommends drama therapy for patients and doctors


Daniel LaForest on Medical Humanities; TITLE: Daniel LaForest on reaching beyond medicine to live experience of health


Brandy Schillace in conversation with Dr Sara Wasson; TITLE: Narrative, crisis, and Pain: Interrogating Medicine: A podcast on humanities and pain

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