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Development of an ACL Injury Prevention Programme for Gaelic Sports: The Activate GAA Warm Up

By Chris McNicholl and Philip Glasgow Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sport and Exercise Medicine (ACPSEM) (UK Physios in Sport) blog series  Gaelic football and hurling are among the largest participation team sports in Ireland with regular participation from over ¾ of a million people (male and female). Non-contact ACL injuries are a common and […]

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FIFA increasing efforts in sport for health leadership – hats off to a role model federation

                        Budapest May 24th: FIFA provide a landmark in ‘implementation’ and ‘dissemination’ by including their 2nd Medical Congress within the ’62nd FIFA Congress’. This may not seem like a major deal for those unfamiliar with the way sporting federations work but it is right […]

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Day 2 UKsem…bare feet, public health crisis and tennis elbows. Oh my!

I learned that about 12% of high fit 80+ year olds die annually. Seems a bit unfair. But 27% of low fit 60-69 year olds die annually! No typo. High fit 80-yr olds are HALF AS LIKELY TO DIE as low fit 60-yr olds. Are we talking about 80-yr old Olympians? Nope. High fit is […]

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