Talking Tendinopathy & Solving the Soleus Conundrum with Dr Seth O’Neill


Elaborating on a milestone podcast:

5000 listens within 48-hours of going live…usually associated with football transfer announcements, not chats about muscles of the lower limb! Testament to the quality of the guest, the podcast has generated quite a response online.

What are the key concepts, models & papers referred to in the podcast?


In the podcast, Seth alludes to the #TendonTremor that is often seen during calf raises (video below) as the muscles fail to coordinate the eccentric portion of the exercises. Seth alludes to the relevance of these oscillations in the podcast, and in the second video, you can hear Seth and see the patient work to try and ‘smooth’ these.


Video demonstration

Seth’s explanation

We’re super grateful to Seth for lending his time & expertise to broaden the discussion about managing Achilles Tendinopathy, and if you want to see more of Seth’s work he’s very active on social media:

For some more broad reads into lower limb tendinopathies/if you’re a huge tendon geek, this link gives you access to a wide range of articles that Seth has authored/recommended – please enjoy!

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