The tradition continues..2016 BJSM cover competition: vote now!


We are doing some inventory here at the BJSM. Although still 3 months until the New Year, we have lots to celebrate. New Impact factor: 6.7 and #1 in the field. Member societies number 23 with over 12,000 members. Still ranked #1 for ‘Immediacy’ – papers cited within a year of publication –i.e hot topics. Broke the 1 million for podcasts with 24 presenters, 250 quality interviews.  Mobile App rocking on at #1 in our field.

Over 60,000 enjoying Facebook & Twitter combined. That’s a thank you to everyone who puts a clinical face on those numbers. Creating them or using them.Gracie, Danke, Obrigado.
Same ol’ cover competition-where you vote for your favourite issue in the preliminary rounds. Prelude to the final ‘sudden victory’ round, where voters are entered into a prize draw and featured on the blog with massive prizes (see last year’s winners HERE). This year’s prizes are a secret but will be massive. Think Barcelona in May but it’s a secret…

Let’s get to voting. The poll is open for one week.

January-50-1: Preventive Measures in Alpine Ski Racing
January-50-2: Sports Cardiology: Lowering the risk in athletes
February-50-3: mental health in athletes
February-50-4: Back pain and sport
March-50-5: Rowing injury guidelines
March-50-6: Physical activity: What should you do?








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