Open submissions: Anti-Doping in Sports Consensus Meeting, 29 November 2013

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We are pleased to announce the Anti-Doping in Sports Consensus Meeting. This meeting will follow an NIH consensus development format with an open session on 29 November 2013.

You are invited to submit an abstract of original research relating to anti-doping in sports for consideration as a presentation at this meeting. The main topic areas have been determined by the scientific committee and reflect key consensus questions to be discussed. Presentations on antidoping topics other than these may still be considered for inclusion at the meeting.

The principal areas include:

• Anabolic agents in sport

• Biological profi le of individual athletes

• Autologous blood transfusion

• Erythropoiesis stimulating agents

• Ethical and legal considerations

• WADA and CAS perspective

Following the conference, a group of experts will form a panel to draft a consensus statement for publication in BJSM. The expected journal publication of the outcome statement will be May 2014.

Instructions for submission:

(the number of participants is limited to 100)


Anja König, FIFA Medical Office


Fax: +41 43 222 75 03

Scientific Committee:

Jiri Dvorak, MD, Richard Budgett, MD, Carsten Lundby, PhD, Martial Saugy, PhD, Mario Thevis, PhD, Mario Zorzoli, MD

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