Guest post: Exercise is Medicine’s Bob Sallis. Every Body Walk campaign. Fun videos!


Thought you might be interested in seeing our latest edition to the Every Body Walk campaign.  This PSA features the cast from The West Wing TV show.

We are releasing this virally, and its had over 300,000 hits in 3 days.

See also Bob Sallis’ compelling case for doctors including exercise as the 5th vital sign – every consultation. This has had over 4,000 views.

And in the Steve Blair-edited Special Exercise is Medicine theme issue (Jan 2009), Bob included an argument for the doctor’s role in prescribing – share this with your colleagues!

Finally – for those who haven’t seen Mike Evans’ viral video ‘23.5 hours’ – it fits beautifully with ‘Everybody Walk’. Click on this link to the BJSM blog and watch it for 9 minutes! It has had nearly 3 million views!


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