Guest blog via Professor Neville Owen

Just a quick post (it’s the weekend and BJSM editors never work on weekends).

One of the pioneers of the science of sedentary behavior, Professor Neville Owen, alerted BJSM to this comprehensive paper  (not open access, sorry!) – great one to bring you up to speed in this field. What is sedentary behaviour? It’s too much sitting as opposed to too little physical activity. A problem in its own right. Kills ya!

Neville’s editorial raising this for BJSM readers was in 2009 (we like to be cutting edge :))

Click on these separate links for other related material:

* List of great papers: February 2009 (focus on sedentary behaviour)

* List of great papers: January 2009 (focus on how clinicians can get folks to be physically active)

* Another paper cited in Garland’s recent review was When will we treat physical activity as a legitimate medical therapy…even though it does not come in a pill? by Tim Church and Steven Blair. Click here for that one. 

That’s it for today. And if you haven’t done 30/60 minutes of accumluated physical activity today what are you doing reading this? (in the most respectful way possible :))

 Great cartoon for that Feb BJSM issue by Malcolm Willett


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