Congratulations Sweden!

No apologies for plugging the Swedish National Institute for Public Health who have produced an amazing medical tool – evidence based exercise prescription for many, many, medical conditions. If you are in the UK you will be familar with the BNF – this should accompany every BNF and be used more often!

In Australia the equivalent is MIMS and in Canada CPS.  Clinicians should be reaching for this instrument more often than the stethoscope – it would have more impact as an intervention by any measure!
The great thing is that it can be downloaded for free! No excuses!

The link to the downloadable PDF version is in the subject line of this blog. You can read the authors’ brief editorial in this month’s BJSM for free.

We had planned to have the BJSM podcast done by March 1st and we still may – but the issue busted to the home page ahead of schedule so please bear with us if you are looking for the podcast. Lots of great podcasts up on the home page for free (the one with Steven Blair is very relevant) but nothing about this Bible of Physical Activity Prescription yet. I’ll update on the podcast here and via Twitter (@BJSM_BMJ).

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