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David Payne

David Payne: Top nurses with a tamed Hound

5 May, 15 | by BMJ Group

IMG_1426Spare a thought for the comedian asked to host a professional awards ceremony within a week of the UK general election.

Oliver Reed lookalike Rufus Hound (pictured) showed all the signs of having his comic wings clipped as he took to the podium at London’s Savoy Hotel last week to present the Nursing Standard Nurse Awards.

This was not a night of hellraising. Instead Hound ploughed a politics-free furrow in a compering gig that was interspersed with references to the vital work carried out by nurses, midwives, and health visitors.  At times, in fact, he almost sounded like a politician. more…

The BMJ Today: Watch, read, listen, do

27 Apr, 15 | by BMJ

If you watch one thing today . . . 

ward_examinationSee the two video clips embedded in the “Comptetent Novice” paper “A quick ward assessment of older patients by junior doctors,” and see if you agree with the weekend response posted by Birmingham doctor Yousuf Ansari.

If you listen to one thing today . . . 

health_debate copyThe roundtable podcast debate, held after last week’s live health hustings in London, provides an analysis of the four main UK parties’ health policies in the forthcoming general election. Read all our general election coverage at more…

David Payne at WIRED Health 2015

24 Apr, 15 | by BMJ Group

David Payne29.20am: I’m in London at WIRED Health 2015, “exploring the future of healthcare.” Already I’ve bumped into a would-be investor and I’ve just had  a “power shot” of grapefruit juice spiked with chili. Now I’m browsing the exhibitor stands, which includes live demo of the elegant cream leather Tao chair which, according to its inventor and Tao Wellness CEO Viktor Kalvachev and its promotional blurb, is an “invisible gym in your living room” enabling me to work out different muscle groups while I sit at home. more…

The BMJ Today: History lessons

25 Mar, 15 | by BMJ

ThinkstockPhotos-465117786• In 1938 New Zealand created a national health system, coining the term “from cradle to grave,” and showing the British government what was possible.

More recently, the country repealed its unsuccessful, competition based health legislation.

As it is now hard to find anyone in England who believes that the 2012 Health and Social Care Act was a good idea: Can New Zealand again offer lessons for England? more…

David Payne: How to be an academic social media star

10 Mar, 15 | by BMJ

deputy chair of MJA on stage (1)Melissa Terras is the most downloaded academic in her faculty at UCL, and attributes her success to social media.

Eight years ago Terras (pictured below), director of UCL’s Centre for Digital Humanities, was supervising a PhD student’s research into the history of blogging. She started her own blog in response to this, but it was the advent of Twitter and a return to work from maternity leave that convinced her of social media’s potential to raise her profile as an academic. more…

The BMJ Today: Salty sputum and self dialysis for Swedes

19 Feb, 15 | by BMJ Group


What are the long term effects of multidisciplinary biopsychosocial rehabilitation for patients with chronic low back pain?


F1.large (24)Chicago born Frances Glessner Lee (pictured), the “mother of CSI” and dollhouse-style dioramas, features in “Forensics: the anatomy of crime” exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, London.

The 2015 version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (due out later this year) may no longer warn people to limit their consumption of dietary cholesterol. more…

The BMJ Today: Rabies, stroke, and screening

16 Jan, 15 | by BMJ Group

rabies_virus_particlesRabies is a neglected tropical disease that predominantly affects the most vulnerable humans—children living in the most disadvantaged areas of the poorest countries.

Many countries have successfully reduced the impact of the disease by tackling the gap between public and animal health through a concerted “one health” approach. more…

The BMJ Today: Polling day

13 Jan, 15 | by BMJ

deputy chair of MJA on stage (1)Tuesday is the day we change our weekly UK poll, which enables us to promote the new topic in the weekly print issue (Tuesday is also press day). Our current one asks if doctors should encourage patients to record consultations, linked to a head to head article published last week. At the time of writing, two thirds of the 278 votes cast say no. more…

The BMJ Today: My mum and Richard Smith

12 Jan, 15 | by BMJ

deputy chair of MJA on stage (1)Yesterday my mum, who died of cancer in February 2007, would have been 91. I’m not an expert on death and so do not know whether hers was “good” or not, but I’ll never forget the last six months of her life, when we knew she was dying and had to make the most of having her around. more…

David Payne: Digital dilemmas—a day in my life at The BMJ

12 Dec, 14 | by BMJ Group

deputy chair of MJA on stage (1)Wednesday December 10.

8.30am: I’m on the bus into work and checking Twitter when I see an exchange between @garyschwitzer and @bengoldacre about some embargoed papers we press released last night, (including Ben’s editorial and a linked research paper about the association between exaggeration in health related science news and academic press releases), not showing on

I apologise to @garyschwitzer and explain why I think they aren’t working. more…

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