Exploring Hyperacusis: Ethno-Graphic Podcast

Visual Podcast by Luca M. Damiani

Exploring Hyperacusis : Ethno-Graphic Podcast from Luca Damiani on Vimeo.

In Exploring Hyperacusis: Ethno-Graphic Podcast, I look at the interaction with my conditions, focusing on auto-ethnographic data based on my acoustic condition of hyperacusis, as well as my asperger’s neurological condition. This work is shared as a diary, combining the poem and the graphics shown earlier, but also further designing my experience. This is sided by a computational filter that conceptually signifies a further disruption of data, outer stimuli, as well as inner voice. In this piece I started to conceptualize more the audiological and scientific data to create new graphic visualizations (methodologically and aesthetically connecting to sound), to then over-layer the textual reflection and interpretation. In this process there is an interconnection between artistic practice, acoustic neurological exploration and the recoding-diary with a medical humanity aspect.

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