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Yes, mobile apps (for ankle sprains and more) provide valuable preventive tips & clinical guidance

 By Evert Verhagen @EvertVerhagen  Last week I stumbled upon the following blogpost on mhealthwatch.com, — “Mobile Apps for Ankle Sprains? Not Yet… or Ever” [1]. My interest was sparked as the title of the blog suggested there are no apps for ankle sprains available, or at least no proper apps. According to the blog, apps to […]

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Get Up, Get Movn: A Novel Approach to get Patients Moving

By Harsh Vathsangam and Ade Adesanya Who would have thought that one of the biggest killers of the 21st century would be your couch? Physical inactivity is one of the biggest silent killers of our time and an important factor in weight loss, heart disease and stroke and diabetes. Given such dire consequences, health practitioners are […]

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Easy to use mobile app for ankle sprains prevention and rehabilitation

 By Evert Verhagen  In recent years, knowledge about the prevention and rehabilitation of sport related injuries has grown exponentially. We are able to significantly reduce the burden of injuries in sports for most participants across many activities with current scientific evidence. However, we still struggle to implement effective measures on a wider scale, and fully unleash the […]

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