The #8Investments That Work for Physical Activity – now in 13 languages!

How can you help advocate for ISPAH’s Eight Investments That Work for Physical Activity?

On December 8th, 2021, ISPAH launched 8 translations of the #8Investments Infographic and Postcard, meaning these resources are now available in 9 languages. The full document is already available in 12 languages!

The #8Investments is a global call to action, for everyone, everywhere, to embed physical activity in national and subnational policies.

Following a momentus launch in November 2020, ISPAH’s Eight Investments document and advocacy toolkit have been accessed via the ISPAH website 1000’s of times. So, how can you get involved?

Endorse the #8Investments

You can join the global community that has endorsed the #8Investments as both an individual and on behalf of your organisation. Click the button below and navigate to the endorse button on the ISPAH website.

Read, share and advocate for the #8Investments

We have been hearing excellent advocacy stories from around the world about the #8investments. Advocates having been sharing the #8Investments infographic, postcard and animation video widely. The ISPAH community have been writing to their local politicians, and organising meetings.

Pitch Your Story to the #8Investments Community Hub

The Community Hub is a community of practice – where everyone, everywhere, can share experiences of promoting physical activity.

The role of the Community Hub is to connect our global community. Sharing real life experiences of creating and designing, implementing, and evaluating, physical activity promotion connected with the #8investments in the real-world.

Other instant actions:

  1. Share an #8Investments post on social media using #8Investments and include either the infographic or postcard in your language.
  2. Present about the #8Investments That Work for Physical Activity – Using the slides provided in ISPAH’s #8Investments Advocacy Toolkit, talk about what works for physical activity.
  3. Tell others about endorsing the #8Investments – if you have endorsed the #8Investments, tell others why they should join you in endorsing.
  4. Tell others about ‘Pitch Your Story’ to the Community Hub – if you have pitched your story, tell others to pitch their stories.

Author: International Society for Physical Activity and Health.

Twitter & LinkedIn: @ISPAH | Facebook & Instagram: @ISPAHorg

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