Building on a BJSM podcast – and celebrating good news! #WomensFootball

Why are females more at risk of ACL injuries in football, and what can we do to reduce the risk for our athletes?

In this podcast, we are joined by Brooke Patterson and Dr Ben Mentiplay to discuss their latest review of injury prevention programmes reducing the risk of injury in women’s football. Brooke (T: @Knee_Howells) is a physiotherapist who is currently completing her PhD at the La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre, investigating the impact of ACL injuries on the lives of young adults. Brooke played several seasons in the Australian Football League national women’s competition (WAFL), and has recently transitioned to becoming a coach. Dr Mentiplay (@MentiplayB) has a background in sport and exercise science and completed his PhD in 2017. Ben is currently a lecturer and research Fellow at La Trobe, with a strong interest in biomechanics.

Want more papers relating to the sporting knee, or injury prevention for women?

Making football safer for women: a systematic review and meta-analysis of injury prevention programmes in 11 773 female football (soccer) players #OpenAccess
Risk of knee osteoarthritis after different types of knee injuries in young adults: a population-based cohort study


Celebrating success!
It’s great to see the recent news that this international team, led by Prof Crossley have received NHMRC funding to investigate ways of making football safer for women! We look forward to seeing the results!

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