Using data science to support medical team decisions & return to play post COVID- 19. Episode #430

 BJSM Friday Podcast #430

Dr. Ben Sporer (T: @ben_sporer) is the current director of performance strategy, research and innovation at the Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS). He trained as an exercise physiologist and worked with the Canadian Sport Institute, supporting multisport, cycling and snowboarding athletes across three full Olympic cycles (summer and winter games).
He brings a wealth of knowledge about developing elite athlete performance and wellbeing, as well as what it takes to build a performance team.

Today in the discussion with associate editor Paul Blazey (T: @blazey85), we dive into:
 what impact Ben’s exercise physiology background had on his management of the medical arm of his performance team
 how the Whitecaps use data science to support medical and team decisions
 what Ben looks for in developing a high performance medical and support team
 how the team has managed the lockdown and the challenges of return to play in elite sport post covid-19

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