Stepping up to better running form with the Running Physio – Tom Goom


What are the keys to good running form? Is there a magical number for step rate? Should we all be changing the way we run?

On this week’s podcast, Tom Goom joins us to chat about gait retraining and its role in helping injured runners. Known to many in the SEM community as the ‘Running Physio’, Tom is a physiotherapist with over 15 years of clinical experience who specialises in running injuries.

Based in Brighton, England, Tom is the Clinical Lead at The Physio Rooms. He has previously worked in semi-professional sport, lower-limb and spinal rehab, and has run chronic pain programmes. In 2012, Tom started his website RunningPhysio to share his knowledge and offer free advice to clinicians and runners on injury prevention and treatment. With a growing global audience, Tom’s site has now amassed over 5 million page views!

Tom also regularly teaches other clinicians around the world how to manage running injury through his very popular Running Repairs Course. His specialist areas of interest include running gait analysis and managing tendinopathy.

In this 20-minute podcast, Tom discusses:

  • The controversy surrounding gait retraining
  • Who benefits from gait retraining
  • The rationale behind gait retraining
  • How to assess the injured runner
  • The keys to good running form
  • His comprehensive gait retraining management plan

To find out more about Tom, check out:


Twitter @TomGoom



Running Repairs Course

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Download: Gait analysis assessment sheet

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