What’s the deal with the BJSM Approved stamp?!

Predatory conferences are widespread so #TeamBJSM introduced the BJSM Education Stamp of Approval to help you recognise credible events in Sports Physiotherapy and Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM).

How do we determine quality education?

  • Is the organising society/ research agency/ institution real?
  • Credibility of Scientific Planning Committee (SPC) members and faculty members
  • Sex balance: Scientific Planning Committee (SPC) and Faculty Members
    • Approved events have >40% female faculty and >40% female SPC members.
  • Scientific programme:
    • Learners’ needs are defined for the activity
    • Overall and session-specific learning objectives for the activity are aligned with those needs
    • Target Audience chosen for the activity and aligned with the learning objectives
    • Quality of scholarly papers that will be presented
  • Accrediting body for Continuing Medical Education (CME)/ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits

For event organising committees…

To receive the BJSM Stamp of Approval for conferences, email your request here: bjsmblog@gmail.com

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