The Podcast World Cup: The cream of the BJSM Podcasts…. Let’s get listening and share best practice

By Paul Blazey @blazey85

The World Cup is coming to its culmination, only 4 nations remain and the English nationals here at BJSM are getting excited to see whether “it’s coming home”. To keep with the theme, we thought a series of blogs to celebrate the huge vault of great content stored on our podcast platform may be appreciated.

In the spirit of objectivity, we want to decide our winners based upon the number of listens each podcast has attracted but we would also encourage the BJSM community to engage and share their own favourite BJSM past podcasts via social media. Let us know the podcasts that have challenged you as a clinician and led to changes in your practice!

Here is our Quarter-Final Line-up (8 Quarter finals based upon most popular podcasts to 4thJuly 2018).

Match 1:

Dr Kieran O’Sullivan discusses the management of back pain and the 7 habits of highly effective clinicians: link


Karim Khan talks about the importance of ‘Mechanotherapy’ awareness for clinicians: link


Match 2:

Dr Alison Grimaldi gives practical physiotherapy tips for the treatment of lateral hip pain: link


Dr Sarah Hallberg on why we get fat and the role of insulin as a fat-storing hormone: link


Match 3:

Professor Peter O’Sullivan discusses Tiger Woods in relation to back pain and core stability: link


Professor Lorimer Moseley looks at remaining patient centered and new pain science – in ‘Am I safe to move?’: link


Match 4:

Guustaaf Reurink reviews recent research into the diagnosis and management of acute hamstring injuries: link


Professor Lorimer Moseley (with a 2ndentry!) looks at the effect of the brain and mind on chronic pain: link

Listener totals remain the deciding factor. We will decide our winners and therefore Semi-Final line-up based on numbers on Thursday 12thJuly at 11:59pm (GMT) therefore get listening and sharing!

If you have a preferred winner, please encourage colleagues and others to log-on to the links and enjoy some continued professional development. We want to raise awareness of best practice and support evidence adoption across the clinical diaspora. Even if you have listened to your favourite podcast before you may want to reflect upon whether you could do more to adopt any lessons learned.

If you want to raise awareness of your favourite and support the implementation of best practice amongst friends and colleagues, please use the following hashtag #bjsmpodworldcup


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