Student interested in Sports and Exercise Medicine? Can you afford not to attend #USEMS16?!

By Tej Pandya

undergrad students

Manchester Sports and Exercise Medicine Society are proud to host the Undergraduate Sports and Exercise Medicine Society’s (USEMS) 2016 annual conference. The day will be a mix of talks and interactive workshops; from concussion & career progression to hands-on ultrasound scanning. You will also hear from professionals working in high-performance roles of all sorts (think Team Sky, Liverpool FC & England Rugby+++)! Not only that – USEMS conferences famously provide a fantastic opportunity to network among both peers & professionals in a friendly environment – so what’s there to lose?

In a world filled with expensive conferences, how many are specifically tailored at undergraduates and cost less than a tenner?

There will also be a ticket competition on the USEMS Facebook group on the 1st of September, so keep your eyes peeled – you might just get lucky!

In the meantime, early-bird tickets only £8!

Hope to see you all there & please help spread the word! #USEMS16

Tickets are available from:

Tej Pandya is an intercalating medical student at the University of Manchester and currently President of the Manchester Sports and Exercise Medicine Society (@semsocuk). All enquiries can be directed to

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