Employment opportunity: Clinical Research Scientist (4 positions) – Aspetar Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Hospital



Aspetar is the first specialised Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in the Gulf region. It provides the highest possible medical treatment for sports-related injuries in a state-of- the-art facility, staffed by some of the world’s leading sports medicine practitioners and researchers. Through the delivery of excellence in sports medicine, physiotherapy, sports science, orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation, Aspetar services the needs of football and Sports Clubs and Federations throughout the state of Qatar, and regularly services international athletes and professional sportspeople.

Aspetar strives to meet the highest international standards obtainable in its treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries and combines best-practices with the latest technology to guide athletes from diagnosis through rehabilitation and recovery. Our teams of dedicated researchers and physicians couple leading methodologies with state-of- the-art technology to provide athletes with total health, physical management and performance strategies.

In 2009, Aspetar was accredited as a “FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence” by F-MARC and in 2014 an “IOC Research Centre for Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health”. A core research objective of Aspetar is to produce clinically relevant research that focuses on the aetiology, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of sports injuries; thereby assisting athletes in their endeavour to reach their full potential.

Accordingly, Aspetar is seeking to employ 4 Clinical Research Scientists. The purpose of a Clinical Research Scientist is to produce internationally recognised peer reviewed research by planning, executing and delivering clinical research projects in coordination with Aspetar clinicians; whilst simultaneously providing high-level care for athletes rehabilitating from injury. The primary research focus of the Clinical Research Scientist will be in one (or more) of the following topics; anterior cruciate ligamentous injury, muscle injury, groin pain/injury, foot and ankle injury and return to play.

Whilst reporting directly to the Director of Research, the Clinical Research Scientists will split their time between the Aspetar Research Department and other Aspetar clinical departments where relevant (physiotherapy, sports medicine, exercise science and/or surgery), where they would assist in providing clinical services to injured athletes directly within the research topic they are assigned to. Accordingly, the Research Scientist’s clinical time will be spent under the direction of the supervising clinical lead of the respective clinical department where applicable.

Key responsibilities:

  • To produce internationally recognised peer reviewed research by planning, executing and delivering clinical research projects in one (or more) of the following topics; anterior cruciate ligamentous injury, muscle injury, groin pain/injury, foot and ankle injury and return to play.
  • Act independently to plan, implement, evaluate, treat and progress patient care to maximise rehabilitation potential.
  • Independently manage a caseload of athletes and non-athletes effectively and efficiently; and advance treatment progression of patients independently.
  • Support, apply and develop the existing clinical sports medicine research programmes at Aspetar.
  • Provide operational leadership to research activities that participate to develop recognition of Aspetar as a ‘global leader in sports medicine and exercise science by 2020’.
  • Contribute to evidence based practice in the department at a proficient level and provide significant input into development of assessment and treatment protocols.
  • Independent charting using SOAP format.
  • Take decisions regarding discharge planning of patients independently or with Senior Physiotherapist(s) as deemed appropriate.
  • Fulfil all administrative and organisational duties related to the clinical research topic including defining study design, obtaining ethics clearance, recruiting participants, assuring data collection and analysis (statistical analysis).
  • Prepare articles for international peer-reviewed journals.
  • Co-supervise PhD student or post doc fellow candidates with partner universities (if appropriately qualified).
  • Collaborate with and act as a conduit between other clinical leadership roles to develop research programs that links and builds upon clinical requirements and activities within the Clubs/Federations. These include, but are not limited to: Research, Exercise and Sport Science and National Sports Medicine Programme staff, and other relevant Aspire Academy, Qatar Olympic Committee, Club or Federation staff as required.

Necessary requirements:

  • Excellent knowledge of the aetiology, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of sports injuries in one (or more) of the following topics; anterior cruciate ligamentous injury, muscle injury, groin pain/injury, foot and ankle injury and return to play.
  • ≥ 3 years of experience in either sports physiotherapy, sports medicine, surgery, exercise science or podiatry
  • Bachelor degree in physiotherapy, medicine or equivalent clinical sports medicine area. Candidates educated to higher degree level (PhD or equivalent degree) will be prioritised.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage orthopaedic and sports medicine caseloads independently and proficiently
  • Proven personal communication (oral / written) skills to write scientific papers, deliver lectures or seminars and to represent Aspetar and its research activities in international scientific meetings.
  • Proven organisational skills and the ability to work well under pressure, while adhering to tight timelines.
  • Proficient in computer skills, especially MS excel / Word / Powerpoint and scientific software such as SPSS or SigmaPlot, Spike 2, etc.
  • Patient, meticulous, confident and motivated.
  • Ability to work well independently as well as part of a multi-disciplinary team of clinical and applied research scientists.
  • English and/or Arabic speaker.

Closing date: 31 st August 2016

For more information on this position, please email Director of Research, Prof. Mathew Wilson (Mathew.wilson@aspetar.com) or Assistant Director of Rehabilitation, Dr. Rodney Whiteley (rodney.whiteley@aspetar.com).



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