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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 26:  A runner dressed in a naked suit in the mass start during the Virgin Money London Marathon on April 26, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images)
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – APRIL 26: A runner dressed in a naked suit in the mass start during the Virgin Money London Marathon on April 26, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images)

In the penultimate virtual conference of 2015, the topic is one that becomes increasingly relevant at the turn of the year, likely featuring on a lot of people’s New Year’s resolutions – running. In the same format as its predecessors on the hamstring, shoulder, and tendons (among others) – here’s a list of BJSM resources so you’re clued up to treat any runners that come limping your way!

Running Injuries – an overview

Don’t know where to start? This may be the best place, an overview of running injuries with Andy Franklyn-Miller, with secrets from 15 years of experience in treating runners and running injuries.

Running shoes and running injuries: mythbusting and a proposal for two new paradigms 

A recent and hugely popular paper – mainly concerning whether or not running shoes (or sport shoes in general) influence the frequency of running injuries at all. Contains two new paradigms which are likely to stick around for the considerable future. A must read!

Biomechanical overload and lower limb injuries

Sticking with one of the BJSM’s most popular podcast guests (Andy Franklyn-Miller), this podcast delves into the issue of chronic exertional compartment syndrome and the potential role of running re-education in managing the pathology. The podcast also touches on the historically hot topic of barefoot running.

Barefoot running: an evaluation of current hypothesis, future research and clinical applications

The podcast leads nicely on to this fantastic review by the great team in Cape Town, looking into the factors driving the prescription of barefoot running, whilst also examining which of these factors may have merit, what the collected evidence suggests about the suitability of barefoot running for its purported uses and describe the necessary future research to confirm or refute the barefoot running hypotheses.

Keeping runners running – the secrets of running assessment and advice

Following on from Andy Franklyn-Miller’s podcast, this discussion with Andy Cornelius asks if we can assess running patients and guide them to improve their technique. Might gait education prove more effective than medication to treat symptoms?

Overuse injuries – what to consider

Moving on slightly to an issue that most serious runners have to deal with at some stage – burnout. Although not quite specific to running, there are still some good nuggets to take home from this.

Patellofemoral pain – a masterclass

Likewise, not strictly unique to running is the issue of patellofemoral pain – but this chat with the world-renowned Kay Crossley is 100% worth a listen on the way to work – covering the best PFP treatments and evidence for them as well as new insights into knee pain after ACL reconstruction.

The foot core system: a new paradigm for understanding intrinsic foot muscle function

The final resource on the list is another game-changing paper proposing a new paradigm, shifting the goalposts in regard to how we regard the intrinsic muscles of the foot. The authors draw the parallels between the small muscles of the trunk region that make up the lumbopelvic core and the intrinsic foot muscles, introducing the concept of the ‘foot core’, before then integrating the concept of the foot core into the assessment and treatment of the foot.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed trawling through the resources from some hugely influential names – please do let the BJSM know your thoughts/questions on twitter, Facebook and the Google+ SEM community, we are always open to suggestions for improvement!

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