Final preliminary round: BJSM cover competition

Happy New year everyone! As a final salute to 2013, we present the covers for the last preliminary round of the BJSM cover competition. Voters in our sudden death, final round will be entered in a draw to win one of two of the world’s leading sports medicine books:

1. The IOC Manual of Sports Injuries: An Illustrated Guide to the Management of Injuries in Physical Activity, Edited by Roald Bahr.


2.Brukner and Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine, 4th Edition, 2012. 


Show your support for your favourite issue now:

Cover 10: October 2013
Cover 15: October 2013


4.2 cover November 2013
Cover 16: November 2013 (i)












Cover 12: November 2013 (ii)
Cover 17: November 2013 (ii)
Cover 14: December 2013 (i)
Cover 18: December 2013 (i)










4.5 cover december 2013
Cover 19: December 2013 (ii)





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