Dr. Chris Milne, BJSM Editorial Board Member, receives Queen’s Service Medal for Achievement.

chris_milneDr. Chris Milne, BJSM Editorial Board Member, was recently awarded the Queen’s Service Medal for achievement in Sports Medicine. Demonstrating ‘meritorious service to the Crown’ is no small feat. Some of Chris’ notable contributions to Sports Medicine include: President and Chairman of Sports Medicine New Zealand, President of Australasian College of Sports Physicians, and team doctor for several New Zealand Olympic and Commonwealth Games teams. He currently practices at Anglesea Medical Centre and is the Medical Director for Rowing New Zealand.

When asked how he felt about the award, Chris said “This recognition is an honour. I also feel grateful to have worked with so many talented athletes, physicians, and physios along the way. It is great for our relatively new medical specialty to have gained recognition in this way, and I look forward to continuing to make a contribution.”

We look forward to it too!


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