Tackling Osteoarthritis in Sport Conference, London, 21-22 October 2010

Arthritis Research UK and the Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine (ISEM) are holding a conference to investigate the prevention and management of osteoarthritis following sport or exercise.

Leading international speakers presenting at Tackling Osteoarthritis in Sport include Dr J Richard Steadman (Colorado), renowned for his knee surgery and rehabilitation work with elite sportspeople; and Jiri Dvorak (based in Switzerland), Chief Medical Officer to FIFA. The conference is hosted by Professor Alan Silman of Arthritis Research UK and Professor David Patterson of ISEM.

The two-day event will consider existing research into the development of osteoarthritis as a result of sporting activity, as well as debating and setting the agenda for future research.

It has been awarded 10 CPD credits by the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (UK).

Professor Silman says:

“Although many people feel they do not have access to medical expertise, we do know how to manage sports injuries in the short term. However, the same cannot be said for managing the longer term implications. There is a lack of knowledge about prevention of longer term problems especially the development of osteoarthritis. Many people who take part in regular sporting activity end up with debilitating pain throughout their lives due to previously sustained injuries or ‘wear and tear’.

“We need to learn from the world’s experts and create a research agenda to better understand the causes and management of osteoarthritis following sport or exercise. We welcome attendance and contributions from those who have an interest in this area, and in the course of future research.”

For further information and to secure your place at the conference, please visit the official website at www.sport.arthritisresearchuk.org. For further enquiries please contact Riikka Williams at sport@arthritisresearchuk.org or call +44 (0) 20 3008 6778.

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