ASICS UKSEM (Sports and Exercise Medicine) Conference; November 24-27, 2010

This is really going to be an awesome meeting so beg, borrow, or just bust through the security to be part of this historic event.

The website is, and there are regular updates on Twitter.

Organiser Andrew Franklyn-Miller reports that the participants will represent a very broad church; from physician to physiotherapist, soft tissue to strength and conditioning, physiologists to immunologists, coaches to fitness professionals. This is a  one stop shop programme where participants all learn from each other in a world class conference.

ASICS have joined us in a similar format to Australia to partner this, as Europe’s largest annual Sports and Exercise Medicine conference and help us develop it as a brand promoting excellence. We have an iPhone app on the way which will allow users to  track abstracts, identify where workshops and lectures are occurring, access our twitter feed /uksem  to post their thoughts and these posts will be broadcast on a big screen in the main hall. We are using the brand new ICC conference Centre at ExCeL, London, as well as one of London 2012’s competition venues. These state-of-the recording so attendees can catch up via the iPhone app later. There are also six £1000 academic prizes for best abstracts in a variety of categories.

The format this year is dual stream on each day with over 30 speakers from 7 countries so the delegate has bundles of choices.  We have a number of optional Saturday workshops from a trimuvirate of Vern Gambetta, Frans Bosch and Kelvin Giles on Athletic development  through high performance to rehabilitation, The Graston Myofascial technique , and hopefully The Tom Myers Anatomy trains workshops.

This year we are joined by the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Conference on our final day bringing  cutting edge performance in the rehabilitation of injured servicemen and women and techniques and evidence based protocols along with some inspiring tales of  prosthetic function and high performance.

Themes include High Performance, Rehabilitation, Immunology in Sport, Exercise Medicine, Sports Psychology, Innovations in Sports Medicine and  Myofacsial Injury.

  • Dr Eddie Coyle; US on ‘The Limits of Human Performance’

  • Lord Sebastian Coe; UK on ‘How are we achieving the Olympic Vision’

  • Prof Paul McCrory; Australia, on ‘Exercise Health in Australia, LEAP and beyond’

  • Kevin Giles; UK on ‘Getting a Nation to Exercise – only 5 in 5’

  • Prof Edzard Ernst; UK on ‘Has Complementary Therapy a place in Sport and Exercise Medicine’

  • Prof William Haskell; US on ‘Exercise is Medicine’

  • Dr Eanna Falvey, Ire on “A clinical biomechanical approach to the groin”

  • Prof Michael Kjaer; Den on ‘What Is Current In SEM On Worldwide Stage? What Should We Research – Hot Topics!’

  • Prof Gordon Lynch; Aus on ‘Muscle Injury, Advances In Repair’

  • Prof Robert Schleip; Ger on ‘Fascia Injury’

  • Prof Bengt Saltin; Den on ‘Muscle As An Endocrine Organ’

Feel free to access the website for more information and help.

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