Book review: Martindale’s Drugs in Sport Companion 2009

This is a useful guide on drugs banned in sport and is particularly helpful when
travelling as it lists generic and trade names of drugs from 40 countries worldwide. Its
main disadvantages are that it does not list permitted drugs (unlike websites such as
100percentme) and it is only valid until the next WADA revision is released.

It can also be unclear at times, for instance oxymetazoline “used… to relieve nasal
and conjunctival congestion” is listed as “banned in competition”. It mentions later
that “topical use” is permitted. This led to momentary panic in a team sports situation
before it was clarified that oxymetazoline nasal spray is safe to use!

By Mark E Batt
Consultant Sport & Exercise Medicine
Fellow NHS Institute
President-elect Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine
Centre for Sports Medicine
Queens Medical Centre
Nottingham University Hospitals
Nottingham, UK

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