September 2023 Standard Issue

September 2023 CoverEthics and medical specimens
Brandy Schillace

Human-centred design, disability and bioethics
Matthew Wolf-Meyer

The use of an object: exploring physician burnout through object relations theory
Jo Winning

Reversing the medical humanities [read the article summary]
Helene Scott-Fordsmand

‘Why They Laugh At Us?’: the functions and ethics of humour in Singaporean theatrical depictions of stigmatised illness
Sophia Hyder

Understanding how college students characterise and cope with chronic pain: a thematic analysis of expressive writing samples
Kaitlyn Root, Sarah Nosek

Cracking open the eristic rhetoric of contralateral prophylactic mastectomy research or why surgeons should not be so certain about this controversial breast cancer treatment
Kelly Pender

Erosion of the ‘ethical’ doctor-patient relationship and the rise of physician burn-out
Atara Messinger, Sunit Das

“I am not alone with tears”: embodying stigma and longing among youth living with perinatally acquired HIV in Tanzania through a collaborative arts-based approach
Kalei Richard James Hosaka, Diana Mandewo, Blandina T Mmbaga, Happyness Ngowi, Dorothy E Dow, Kearsley Alison Stewart

Meeting up in broken word/times: communication, temporality and pace in neuromixed writing
Hanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist, Elisabeth Hjorth, Anna Nygren

Empirical Bioethics and the Health ‘Brain-Drain’: a qualitative study of the experiential and ethical landscape of compulsory community service for a group of South African doctors
Caitlin Victoria Gardiner

Metaphors and decision making in parental blogs about their children with life-limiting diseases: who’s afraid of the war metaphor? [read the article summary]
Veronica Neefjes

Integrating person-centred care and social justice: a model for practice with larger-bodied patients
Deana Kanagasingam, Laura Hurd, Moss Norman

Performing HeLa: theatrical bodies and living remains [read the article summary]
Emma Cox

Medical specimens and the erasure of racial violence: the case of Harriet Cole
Susan C Lawrence, Susan E Lederer

John Buchan’s race through life, chased by his only foe—illness
Jill Felicity Durey

‘Freudism’ and modernity: transcultural impact of psychoanalysis in the modern Turkish novel [read the article summary]
Burcu Alkan

The language of vaccination campaigns during COVID-19
Sara Vilar-Lluch, Emma McClaughlin, Dawn Knight, Svenja Adolphs, Elena Nichele

Narrative and its discontents [read the article summary]
Alastair Morrison

Correction: Health, policy and emotion

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