September 2020 Standard Issue

Cover image: Masks. Source: original photo taken by NurseTogether under a CC BY-SA licence and modified by Editor-in-Chief, Brandy Shillace.
Cover image: Masks. Source: original photo taken by NurseTogether under a CC BY-SA licence and modified by Editor-in-Chief, Brandy Schillace.

A NICE game of Minecraft: Philosophical flaws underpinning UK depression guideline nosology [read the article summary]
by Susan McPherson

Neurological disorders, affective bioethics, and the nervous system: Reconsidering the Schiavo case from a materialist perspective
by Matthew Wolf-Meyer

Putting the NHS England on trial: Uncertainty-as-power, evidence and the controversy of PrEP in England [read the article summary]
by Maurice Nagington and Tony Sandset

Ex ovo omnia? A letter to members of The Ovum Club on the 50th anniversary of the beginning of IVF

Psychedelic crossings: American mental health and LSD in the 1970s [read the article summary]
by Lucas Richert and Erika Dyck

The imaginary of precision public health
by Martha Kenney, Laura Mamo

Ethnography of texts: A literature review of health and female homosexuality in Brazil
by Carolina Rau Steuernagel, Eivind Engebretsen, Hans Wiggo Kristiansen and Kåre Moen

Beyond pathology: Women’s lived experiences of melancholy and mourning in infertility treatment [read the article summary]
by Marjolein Lotte de Boer, Hilde Bondevik and Kari Nyheim Solbraekke

The singular patient in patient-centred care: Physiotherapists’ accounts of treatment of patients with chronic muscle pain
by Birgitte Ahlsen, Eivind Engebretsen, David Nicholls and Anne Marit Mengshoel

‘Voice of resistance’: Rim Banna, cancer and Palestine’s body politic [read the article summary]
by Abir Hamdar

Using MRI art, poetry, photography and patient narratives to bridge clinical and human experiences of stroke recovery [read the article summary]
by Gabrielle Brand, Ashlee Osborne, Steve Wise, Collette Isaac and Christopher Etherton-Beer

Distressed doctors: A narrative and historical study of work-related mental discomfort among practising physicians [read the article summary]
by Jonatan E G Wistrand

Cancer and the emotions in 18th-century literature [read the article summary]
by Noelle Gallagher

Coping by metaphors: The versatile function of metaphors in blogs about living with advanced cancer [read the article summary]
by Anna W Gustafsson, Charlotte Hommerberg and Anna Sandgren

‘A small cemetery’: Death and dying in the contemporary British operating theatre [read the article summary]
by Agnes Arnold-Forster

Enhancing relational care through expressions of gratitude: Insights from a historical case study of almoner–patient correspondence [read the article summary]
by Giskin Day

You shall bury him: Burial, suicide and the development of Catholic law and theology [read the article summary]
by Ranana Leigh Dine

Orthorexia: Eating right in the context of healthism: Editor’s Choice
by Cristina Hanganu-Bresch

‘These were made-to-order babies’: Reterritorialised Kinship, Neoliberal Eugenics and Artificial Reproductive Technology in Kishwar Desai’s Origins of Love
by Manali Karmakar and Avishek Parui

The Well-Being Index WHO-5: Hedonistic foundation and practical limitations [read the article summary]
by Amalie Oxholm Kusier and Anna Paldam Folker

Awaking insomnia: Sleeplessness in the 19th century through medical literature
by Gaspard Aebischer and Philip Alexander Rieder

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