September 2020 Standard Issue

Cover image: Masks. Source: original photo taken by NurseTogether under a CC BY-SA licence and modified by Editor-in-Chief, Brandy Shillace.
Cover image: Masks. Source: original photo taken by NurseTogether under a CC BY-SA licence and modified by Editor-in-Chief, Brandy Shillace.

A NICE game of Minecraft: Philosophical flaws underpinning UK depression guideline nosology
by Susan McPherson

Neurological disorders, affective bioethics, and the nervous system: Reconsidering the Schiavo case from a materialist perspective
by Matthew Wolf-Meyer

Putting the NHS England on trial: Uncertainty-as-power, evidence and the controversy of PrEP in England
by Maurice Nagington and Tony Sandset

Ex ovo omnia? A letter to members of The Ovum Club on the 50th anniversary of the beginning of IVF

Psychedelic crossings: American mental health and LSD in the 1970s
by Lucas Richert and Erika Dyck

The imaginary of precision public health
by Martha Kenney, Laura Mamo

Ethnography of texts: A literature review of health and female homosexuality in Brazil
by Carolina Rau Steuernagel, Eivind Engebretsen, Hans Wiggo Kristiansen and Kåre Moen

Beyond pathology: Women’s lived experiences of melancholy and mourning in infertility treatment
by Marjolein Lotte de Boer, Hilde Bondevik and Kari Nyheim Solbraekke

The singular patient in patient-centred care: Physiotherapists’ accounts of treatment of patients with chronic muscle pain
by Birgitte Ahlsen, Eivind Engebretsen, David Nicholls and Anne Marit Mengshoel

‘Voice of resistance’: Rim Banna, cancer and Palestine’s body politic
by Abir Hamdar

Using MRI art, poetry, photography and patient narratives to bridge clinical and human experiences of stroke recovery
by Gabrielle Brand, Ashlee Osborne, Steve Wise, Collette Isaac and Christopher Etherton-Beer

Distressed doctors: A narrative and historical study of work-related mental discomfort among practising physicians
by Jonatan E G Wistrand

Cancer and the emotions in 18th-century literature
by Noelle Gallagher

Coping by metaphors: The versatile function of metaphors in blogs about living with advanced cancer
by Anna W Gustafsson, Charlotte Hommerberg and Anna Sandgren

‘A small cemetery’: Death and dying in the contemporary British operating theatre
by Agnes Arnold-Forster

Enhancing relational care through expressions of gratitude: Insights from a historical case study of almoner–patient correspondence
by Giskin Day

You shall bury him: Bburial, suicide and the development of Catholic law and theology
by Ranana Leigh Dine

Orthorexia: Eating right in the context of healthism: Editor’s Choice
by Cristina Hanganu-Bresch

‘These were made-to-order babies’: Reterritorialised Kinship, Neoliberal Eugenics and Artificial Reproductive Technology in Kishwar Desai’s Origins of Love
by Manali Karmakar and Avishek Parui

The Well-Being Index WHO-5: Hedonistic foundation and practical limitations
by Amalie Oxholm Kusier and Anna Paldam Folker

Awaking insomnia: Sleeplessness in the 19th century through medical literature
by Gaspard Aebischer and Philip Alexander Rieder

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