The Medical Humanities Blog welcomes guest submissions and recommends that each submission is accompanied by at least one image or other figure. References are included in the word count total. Posts may concern specific developments in medical humanities themes of interest to the journal, and may also include health policy, conference reports on proceedings, and other scholarly and critical materials that advance the conversation of medical humanities in meaningful ways. Submissions may be keyed to thematic elements of the journal, such as: global health, public engagement, film and media, illness narrative, arts in medicine, etc.

All submissions are subject to editorial review and should be directed to the editor with the words BLOG SUBMISSION somewhere in the subject line.

Submissions should be written in the following formats:



Books for review may be suggested by contributors or selected from our Good Reads feed through consultation with the blog editor. The review should represent the opening gambit in an academic conversation regarding the themes raised by the book and should be clear about what the book has to offer the field of medical humanities, and particularly the journal’s contribution to the field. Situating the book with reference to current research in the field is welcome, as are the use of enriching hyperlinks and other media. Reviews of other media (e.g. exhibitions) will also be considered.

Word count: 500-700



Engaging with popular or academic medical humanities writing, research, media, and film, interviews will be chosen for their contribution to a debate which will be actively framed by the interviewer. The interview should be introduced with a paragraph that speaks to the issues raised in the interview, demonstrating their relevance to the field and particularly to the journal’s contribution to the field. Suggested interviews may be submitted for the attention of the blog editor in both typescript and audio form.


CFPs and Conference Reports

Relevant CFPs and Conference reports may be submitted to the blog editor for review. Reports offer an opportunity to provide highlights of ongoing topics in the field and summaries of conference proceedings.

Word count: 400



These blog posts should argue a point of contention within the field, either taking a new perspective on existing issues or suggesting a new approach to a problem. These contribute a field-shaping voice by providing a place for scholars to stake a claim on new research areas. Responses are encouraged, either as comments or as subsequent provocations.

Word count: 500-700


Essays/Guest Blog Posts

Guest blog posts offer an open format for contributors to engage with medical humanities in innovative or unexpected ways, or to develop an existing conversation in new directions. Any submission that engages with the field in a scholarly and original way will be considered, as will posts that draw reader’s attention to important resources or issues.

Word count: 300-800

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