Conference: Medical Law and Ethics in the Media Spotlight

The British Academy, London

Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th November, 2010 

This event, organised by the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy, University of Manchester, draws together top academics, influential practitioners, and key public figures.  It is a participatory conference that will explore the complex nature of public debates in and around medical law and ethics.  The conference will provide the opportunities to examine how controversial medico-legal and ethical questions are presented in the media, to compare the presentation of such debates with their presentation in academia, to study the impact of public debates on law and policy, and to consider whether the media bears on the academic agenda in medical law and ethics. 

Confirmed Speakers: 

2010 Isaiah Berlin Lecture: Professor Sir Ian Kennedy, “Working with the Media: A View from the Frontline”  

Other Speakers: 

  • Baroness Greenfield
  • Mr Geoffrey Robertson QC
  • Dr Elizabeth Pisani
  • Dr Richard Horton
  • Prof Julie Stone
  • Prof Tom Gibbons
  • Baroness Deech
  • Dr Ed Sykes
  • Prof Margaret Brazier
  • Baroness Warnock
  • Dr Jackie Scully
  • Dr Evan Harris
  • Dr Peter Saunders
  • Dr Iain Brassington


The conference runs from 1.00pm on Monday 8th to 4.30pm on Tuesday 9th November.  Registration is essential as places are limited (note registration does not cover accommodation).

The standard fee is £60.

There are 8 subsidised student places, charged at £40 each.

There are a further 2 fully subsidised student places, with bursaries to help cover travel and accommodation costs – please enquire for further details.

 To register for this event, or for further details e-mail Betty McGrath via or Yan Yan Leung at


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