Killing Time – or Wasting It?

It was reported a couple of days ago that Ray Gosling was to face charges of wasting police time after having made certain statements on a TV programme about the death of a partner – statements that the police subsequently investigated and that led to his arrest for murder in February.

The charge of wasting police time worried me a little – I didn’t quite see how anything he’d done amounted to that, not least because the investigation had been launched by, um, the police.  But I’m not a lawyer, and certainly not familiar with criminal law, so didn’t say anything.

However, Jack of Kent is a lawyer, and I’m gratified to see that he’s thinking something similar – except with the benefit of articulacy and expertise.  “The CPS prosecution decision seems counter-intuitive, and indeed it is indeed problematic in a number of ways,” he suggests, and continues that

[a]ll round, the prosecution of Mr Gosling appears flawed and contrary to the public interest.

Indeed, it seems to be an injustice in the making.

His full analysis is here; it’s well worth a read.

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