Medical ethics is a fast moving field where there is always some new scientific or political development to analyse and discuss.


It is difficult for a journal like the Journal of Medical Ethics (JME) to keep up with these day to day developments in its print version, but we hope to do it in this blog.


In the future we will bring you a range of posts:

1. Our own musings on all things ethical
2. Quick reviews of the most important new books as they appear and some old books before they disappear
3. Reports from interesting and not so interesting conferences
4. News about what the JME is doing and about interesting ethics papers in the JME’s sister journals


For those of you who are UK based we will also try to keep you up to date with the activities of the Institute of Medical Ethics who is a co-owner of the JME.


The regular contributors will be David Hunter and Iain Brassington but other people may also contribute from time to time.


We hope that you will become involved in the discussions and help us to make it an interesting place for all.

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