Conference and Public Lecture: Humans and Other Animals

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The Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation, Manchester, and the Institute of Philosophy, London, in cooperation with the Wellcome Trust, are holding a two-day conference, Humans and Other Animals: Challenging the Boundaries of Humanity.

Public lecture: Professor Frans de Waal will be giving a free public lecture 7pm on Thursday the 10th of June at the Wellcome Trust in London. To register for the public lecture please email: betty.mcgrath{at}

Download information about this free public lecture:


Staff and students of University of London Philosophy Departments, Manchester iSEI, and individual Institute of Philosophy members: £10
Institutional members & concessions: £25
Standard: £45

The conference will seek to examine and challenge the boundaries so often drawn in philosophy, as elsewhere, between humans and other animals. It will bring together leading thinkers from a variety of disciplines including philosophy and ethics, law, behavioural psychology, cognitive ethology, primatology and sociology in order to question the legitimacy and utility of such distinctions and thereby to explore the moral and philosophical meanings of humanity and being human.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor Patrick Bateson
  • Dr Juan Carlos Gomez
  • Dr Lisa Bortolotti
  • Professor John Harris
  • Professor Margot Brazier
  • Dr Matteo Mameli
  • Professor Sarah Cunningham Burley
  • Professor Raymond Tallis
  • Professor David DeGrazia
  • Professor Frans De Waal

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For further information about the Institute of Philosophy, please visit their website.

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