Robinson PG, Murray A, Close G, et al. Assessing the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in international professional golf. 

The full paper can be found here.





Tell us more about yourself and the author team.

The author group comprised the Chief Medical Officer for the global golf tours we look after and experts in immunology, public health policy, and event operations from across Europe.


What is the story behind your study?

In normal times, the biggest asset of The European Tour is that we have athletes from all over the world and venues all over the world- it is a truly international tour. However, staging safe and spectacular events in this context is difficult. We wanted to see if the methods we put together with other international sports events worked.


In your own words, what did you find?

The incidence of positive tests was very low, with no evidence of outdoor transmission.


What was the main challenge you faced in your study?

The main challenge was the consistency of PCR testing and data gathering.


If there is one take-home message from your study, what would that be?

Assessing risk and putting in risk mitigation measures can be effective for international sporting events. Research can really challenge the team to deliver high standards at events!

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