Remedy UK plans legal challenge

Remedy UK, the organisation behind the MTAS protest marches in London and Glasgow, is to launch a legal challenge to the single interview process planned for junior doctors in England.

They’ve enlisted the help of leading lawyers Leigh Day and Co to bring the action, which they are due to present on Monday — the same day details of the new interview process are due to be announced.

The lawyers issued a letter to Professor Neil Douglas, head of the MTAS review group, on Friday stating that they would be sending a letter to his offices over the weekend, to reach him before Monday morning.

In it they said:

“We are aware that the Review Group intends to publish further details about how the new interview process will operate in the week commencing 2 April 2007. Our client is concerned that the new proposals will involve substantial illegality and unfairness, the full details of which we will set out in the letter we will be sending you over the weekend.

Matt Jameson Evans, one of the Remedy UK organisers, said he was very positive about the challenge.

“Our lawyers are pretty confident,” he said. “I can’t see how the single interview situation in England can go on. There is just so much chaos.”

He said precise details of the challenge would be issued on Monday.

The BMA’s Junior Doctors Committee is also due to meet on Monday to discuss its next steps.