Scotland and Wales go it alone

In the latest move over medical training applications, England remains isolated in its decision to offer applicants just one interview for a post.

Wales and Scotland have decided they will each stick to their original plan and continue to offer more than one interview to candidates who are appropriately qualified. Reports that Northern Ireland would do the same have yet to be confirmed.

Over 4000 applications have been received from junior doctors who want to work in Wales, said Dr Tony Jewell, Chief Medical Officer for Wales. To date, 2000 of these have been interviewed, but the remaining eligible junior doctors will be offered interviews during the coming weeks.
The Wales Deanery has said it would continue to work closely with the NHS in Wales to ensure that this process is completed well before the introduction of the new system in August 2007. 

Meanwhile Scotland’s health minister Andy Kerr said: “We’ve consistently said we will do what is right for Scotland in light of local circumstances. Offering interviews to all eligible candidates for each post applied to in Scotland will ensure NHS Scotland gets the right people for the right number of jobs.