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Common misconceptions about back pain in sport: Tiger Woods’ case brings 5 fundamental questions into sharp focus

By Dr Peter O’Sullivan, Curtin University, West Australia @PeteOSullivanPT The enormous media interest over the demise of Tiger Woods’ golf game because of his back pain disorder highlights that current approaches to management are fuelling rather than reducing the burden of back pain (Deyo, Mirza et al. 2009).  (PS: You can listen to the related […]

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‘Sacrum went out’…what went wrong? Tiger Woods, media doctors, and collective responsibility

Is there a responsibility for professional bodies such as UK Physios in Sport or the BJSM to comment on sportsmedicine / #sportsphysio media? I don’t know Tiger Woods although I suspect he is probably an avid BJSM follower. So, everything I mention here is in the public domain. 1. Mr Woods has had back symptoms […]

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