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Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me?

By Orla Muldoon @orlamuldoon Remember that rhyme.  The mantra of many childhoods, wheeled out to protect youthful fragility. But do names really ‘never hurt’? Is there really no physical cost to name calling, jeering and verbal abuse? At the start of September, I started to think about the cost of street harassment (jeering, heckling and the […]

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The Eva Carneiro case and gender inequality in SEM: Why it matters for the SEM community

By Sheree Bekker @shereebekker and Tracy Blake @tracyablake “Women want to be leaders, we just put them off as we go along. I think in every program I have ever watched in my life the woman, the female doctor [unclear] is either hyper-sexualised…or she is not present….This is what young girls, what I, grew up with […]

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Team doctors have authority over managers to make medical decisions #PlayerSafety1st

We’ve all caught wind of the recent media flurry after last Tuesday’s unreserved apology (and settlement) by Chelsea FC to former sports physician, Dr. Eva Carneiro (@EvaCarneiro). The team’s management were explicit that Dr Carneiro had acted completely appropriate when she ran on to the pitch to treat Eden Hazard in last August’s opening day […]

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