We may have been overenthusiastic with that mask … (letter from a leader)

This is from a leader in the BJSM community … (and thank you!)

I know you appreciate honest feedback. Here is some for the new BJSM cover that depicts a runner in the forest with a mask.

As you know, masks are a great tool to stop the spread of droplets and are proven useful in confined spaces and in situations where social distancing cannot be respected.

There are also some studies that show that droplets can spread while running or cycling (those highly popular images on social media from areodynamic drag etc, you know them).

On the other hand, there is virtually no evidence on the real transmission of the disease while outdoors and I believe it´s safe to say that most of the data that we have points towards the fact that the likelihood of transmission while outdoors is low (good air circulation, UV exposure etc.). So while droplets might still fly from one person to another while outdoors, the risk of them containing viable virus in a sufficient dose for infection is probably low.

Coming back to the picture of the cover, you have a person running outdoors with no one else in sight. Does it really make sense to wear a mask in this situation? (Of course, it’s possible that she encounters someone on her run etc.). But I guess it’s about the message.

I fear in the current climate, there is already an “overselling” of certain measures that will ultimately harm the overall concept.

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