Exercise Prescription During a Pandemic: keeping active with Dr. Jordan Metzl. Episode #431

BJSM Friday Podcast #426

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we practice medicine and live our daily lives. Things we traditionally have taken for granted now pose major challenges, and among those is the challenge of remaining active. On this episode of the AMSSM Sports Medcast (T: @TheAMSSM) host Dr. Devin McFadden, MD is joined by sports medicine physician and fitness enthusiast Dr. Jordan Metzl to discuss strategies for continuing to encourage physical activity even during “social distancing.”

Dr. Metzl is a pediatrician with subspecialty training in sports medicine whose goal is to help patients and athletes maintain physically active lifestyles and recover from injuries so that they can return to their chosen forms of activity. He has written multiple books and is well known for his Iron Strength workout series.

To learn more about Dr. Metzl’s work, or sign-up for his listserv to be notified of future classes visit drjordanmetzl.com

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