Redefining aquatic exercise: moving from last resort to front line treatment option – Dr. Ben Waller. #414

BJSM Friday Podcast #414

Did you know that water can stop bullets? Dr. Erin Macri (@Erin_Macri) caught up with Dr. Ben Waller (@BenWaller78) to learn more about the untapped and under-recognized power of water and its potential applications in everything from rehabilitation to high level athletic conditioning.

Dr. Ben Waller @BenWaller78 is the Scientific Chair of the Finnish Sport physiotherapy association; Adjunct Professor at Reykjavik University, and Lecturer for the International Aquatic Therapy Faculty. Prior to this he was Senior Researcher at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, where he also completed his PhD and postdoctoral work, all focused on aquatics. Ben’s current research is focused on quantifying and optimizing the prescription of aquatic exercise in the PAPESH research group in Reykjavik University (

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